December 6, 2020


antique cast iron skillet markings

“Because the seasoning makes it non-stick, it’s actually a lot easier than a normal pan. 1868 – Griswold cast iron’s story began in Erie PA. Matthew Griswold and John Selden produced hardware items. But little else is known. In 1973, Lodge created its first logo. I have a greed-fuelled collection, more than I can use but one must rescue the cast-off cast iron. , 5 H-2 Made in U.S.A. Due to weight lower 48 states only no HI or Alask So if you find a cast iron skillet with rough file marks, see if you can identify the ghost of a logo beneath. Any movement may negatively affect the price and in some Iron skillets pots and rougher in double circle logo in double circle logo in the discussion from your skillet … The size number is typically found on either the bottom of a piece or incised in the top of the handle. The Wagner's 1891 Original Cast Iron Skillet – A page with information on the last line of cast-iron pans produced by Wagner in the 1990s (often mistaken by dealers and collectors as vintage 19th-century cast iron) Some Cast Iron marked Smarts also bear a Diamond G. Some make the assumption the Diamond G is associated with the fact Smart bought Gardiner Tool , and Gard iner Tool used the Diamond G logo. 12 7/16 round approx 3 deep, Markings on back No. Cast iron skillet pornography, pure and simple. The earliest catalog we have, from 1902-3 (printed in French), shows a single cast iron skillet available in four sizes: Since that early design, the teardrop handle has been an integral part of our cookware, from hammered skillets to handles on waffle makers and griddles to our seasoned carbon steel cookware line . Read the Cast iron skillet identification discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Cast Iron food community. 1.1k 41 comments share save hide report 1.1k Posted by 4 days ago I love this new sauce pot! Older lighter skillets may be warped or bowed. Monday isn't THAT bad when you have cast iron. 10 | #39408153 Very Solid, heavy 8+ pounds Skillet / Frying Pan Griswold? Learn how to identify, clean, restore, season and use collectible antique cast iron cookware. A good photograph of the skillet of interest is also a good idea to compare with the skillet that is available to examine in person. Yours must be really big. Their selection of cookware included skillets, muffin pans, roasters, bread molds, waffle irons, kettles, dutch ovens, and … Was hoping to send a picture but I cannot find the option to include a picture here. Grilling Tips, Techniques, Tricks, and Tools: Everything You Need to Know About It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum. Wagner Manufacturing started business in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio. The lip edges are thinner. Vintage Cast Iron Skillet 12 7/16 5H-2 No. Porn. Food 1.1k 47 comments share save … Unlike Wapak cast iron which often has very characteristic casting flaws. Wagner cast iron tends to have few casting flaws resulting in very smooth cookware on both the interior and exterior of the cookware. Probably holds 2 quarts. An antique cast-iron skillet may be identified by the markings on the bottom of the skillet, the location of those markings, the pour spout, and the characteristics of the handle and lid. Decoding Cast Iron Numbers and Lettering Image Credit: wiki commons Numbers Whether the products were skillets, waffle irons, or griddles, nearly all vintage pieces made by major foundries had one identifying marking in addition to such things as logos. Wagner and Griswold are the leaders in the American cast-iron collectibles market. Just as this skillet celebrates the beginning of our journey, it's the perfect vessel to use as you welcome each new day with a … Complete collection of cast iron & plain steel cookware. Some cast-iron skillet pans have markings that can easily be searched for online. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Antique RARE Gatemark Footed Cast Iron Oval Roasting Kettle at the best online prices at eBay! When you spot a cast iron skillet at the junkyard or flea market, it could be a … The main reasons vintage cast iron is preferred are; the cookware tends to be lighter and a lot smoother than cast iron cookware made today. Namely, size numbers. Antique cast iron skillet is in our opinion, is distinguished from others in one fundamental respect: they can be passed from father to son.They are virtually indestructible, for life, if you cook with them normally. Thousands of miles from the westernmost Southern state, Larry and Marg O’Neil have amassed a collection of vintage cast iron exceeding 13,000 pieces, housed in an unassuming pole barn on the Pacific Northwest plains, leading up to the slopes of Mt. Cast iron skillet with no markings, iron one of cookware faster. So I inherently spend less time cleaning my cast iron that I use every day than I do on any other nonstick or … If I was going to sell it, which I'm not. If you have a Griswold skillet … the Davids family. Pro-Logic Cast Iron Skillet Released in 2002, the Pro-Logic pan is something of an anomaly. Cast Iron Chaos: My own Web page, where I've assembled links to sources of information on restoring rusty, crusty antique cast iron pans so that they're good as new. This cast iron skillet marks the year 1863, when Joseph Lodge left his Pennsylvania home in search of work, where he soon began training as a machinist. A GREAT ESTATE COLLECTION OF ANTIQUES, antique furniture, stoneware, artwork and toys. Our new … Two pouring A guide to identifying antique cast iron skillets produced by several American manufacturers during the first half of the 20th century. Whether you are a collector of fine antiques or just a cook who enjoys the best in cast-iron cookware, the Griswold name is an important one. Except for one or two, it’s all Wagner or Griswold. Get the best deals on Salesman Sample Cast Iron In Collectible Cast Iron Cookware when you shop the largest online selection at One of them is much lighter and the inside is polished smooth. Based on the kind of markings the pan has, you can discover just who made the pan, when it was made, and more. Join the discussion today. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Any cast iron pro will tell you, keeping cast iron clean isn’t rocket science. It’s the only Lodge skillet that doesn’t feature the company’s trademark teardrop handle eyelet; it was also the very first cast-iron skillet to come pre-seasoned, a feature that’s since become industry standard. Brand Free shipping for many products! In fact, that is how people usually learn about the origins of their pan. Although antique cast iron is desired because it's lighter than modern cast iron cookware is comes with one drawback. Enjoy cooking in your BS&R pans! 2 separate estates make up the great items in this auction. Jul 10, 2014 - The Cast Iron Collector: Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. 10 , 12 7/16 IN. To replace the O in lodge, a cast iron skillet frying a single egg off center was added to the label. I just bought a #12 iron skillet at Goodwill for$15.00, and it is hugh. From 1865 until the late 1950s, the Griswold Manufacturing Company of Erie, Pennsylvania, made various cast iron implements for home use including many types of hardware. I would probably ask around $35.00 … If you're looking at cast iron cooking implements or other items at an antique sale, you can avoid overpaying for that Excelsior skillet if you can tell the time period when it was really manufactured. 1873 – The company was formally named Selden & Griswold Manufacturing Co. 1880 – Production of cast ironERIE Like most antique cast iron, Wagner, manufactured very high-quality cookware for their entire range of cast iron products. Enjoy cooking in your BS&R pans! Rainier. This is the industry first that has now become an industry standard in cast iron cookware today. I just recently bought two wagner 10 inch cast iron skillets and they are remarkably different. Also

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